Bug with scientific mode / loss of functionality vs matplotlib


Not sure if this should be classified as a bug.

But out of the box Pycharm uses defaults that produces either a bug or at the very least a loss of functionality vs matplotlib.

Seems that when you create a new project/import code into pycharm, by default scientific mode is active and there is no apparent way to change that default behavior .

If you use matplotlib to show an animated graph (using Matplotlib.animation for exemple), then the graph is not display in an external window. Pycharm's scientific mode captures the output and displays it in the SciView window.

Except that nothing moves, because apparently SciView only handles static frames.

In order to fix this, you have to turn Scientific Mode off on a project basis. Then matplotlib display in a new window and it works as expected. Kind of annoying if most of what you do is display graphs when you dev.


Not sure how this should be handle. IMO, my IDE isn't supposed to remove functionality by default when I create a new project. I would expect that either scieview should be able to display animations (if this i indeed a bug). If this is not a bug, just not a feature, then I would expect to somehow be able to not have by default Scientific mode enable on all new projects.




Hello Franck, 


Regrettably, the described behavior is covered by these 2 existing tickets that have not been fixed yet: 




Please vote for them in order to increase their priority.


Apologies for the inconvenience. 


Hi Antonina,

Hum I see. Given those are 3 years old, I take it nothing will be done on that front...

Thanks for the link though.

Quite honestly, I'd be happy about Jet Brain just not pushing on my by default a feature that is diminishing functionality of the libraries I'm using. My personal guess is that someone at marketing probably wants those to be at the forefront though, because hey, new features.


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