Strange pasting behavior in editor and from editor to terminal

I love PyCharm 95% of the time and then there are strange quirks with my current setup that make it feel unusable :( 

Quirk #1:

- pasting code outside of a class works normally, but as soon as I paste within a class, the editor adds spaces and new lines between the tokens (the video shows this behavior). I already made sure that Editor > General > Smart Key > Reformat on Paste is set to None.

Upload id: 2020_10_09_NxUkem9HedBcehFs (file:

Quirk #2:

- pasting from the editor to the terminal works about 40% of the time. Most of the time I try to paste, it ends up pasting a new line and erasing the clipboard. Would really really appreciate any insight you have on this, it makes it super annoying to work in PyCharm.

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