Cannot step debug a PHTML file

I have a Laminas MVC application and I am trying to step through a .phtml file.  I do not think the problem is related to Laminas (or ZF3) but this is to give you background on my issue.

The phtml file is included by the PhpRenderer to render its html into an output buffer like this (this is Laminas code):


$includeReturn = include $this->__file;  // where $this->__file holds the phtml file that I want to debug

$this->__content = ob_get_clean();


When I set a breakpoint into the phtml file that is referenced by $this->__file, the breakpoint is reached and execution stops. If I resume execution or try to step though it, the rest of the phtml file is ignored.  If I step, it does a step out back to the PhpRenderer.(the line that has "$this->__content = ob_get_clean()"

I have several other Laminas/ZF3 MVC application where I do not have this issue and each of them is a different PHPStorm project.  I am only experiencing the problem with this specific project.

It must be some project settings that is not set properly.  

Anybody has experienced this previoulsy and can point me in the right direction to figure out the issue.



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I would suggest enabling XDebug logs & checking them for any errors and what line is being stopped after you step into:

If everything is fine - chances are there's a problem with XDebug that you can report at

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I enabled xDebug logging and did not notice any unusual errors.

I ended up deleting all the phpStorm config files in the idea folder and it started working fine.  I don't know which config file was the issue since I erased them and manually set the project settings to what they were before.


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