Getting batch inspections to work with ExternalAnnotator

Hi - I'm using an ExternalAnnotator to highlight specific lines of code with refactoring suggestions.
In particular I use createWarningAnnotation with a TextRange to achieve this.I'm now implementing running this in batch mode using the ExternalAnnotatorBatchInspection interface.

This is working but throwing up two problems:
1. When the annotation gets translated into a ProblemDescriptor the highlighting is thrown off, since it
tries to find the PSI elements to highlight rather than a line. Any ideas on how to make it highlight
just a specific line in this case?

2. When I open up a batch mode inspection the on-the-fly inspection gets triggered as well and I
get two sets of highlighting - is this avoidable?


Nick, sorry for the late reply – this thread got lost in a queue. Did you manage to handle it?


No not really - it's still showing the above behaviours which isn't ideal.


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