help : requires missing "com.intellij.modules.go"


Right now I am developing a GoLand plugin; I got an error "requires missing "com.intellij.modules.go" when I run gradle build ,


here is part of my


pluginVersion = 0.5.1
pluginSinceBuild = 193
pluginUntilBuild = 202.*

platformType = IU
platformVersion = 2019.3.3
platformDownloadSources = true

here is part of my plugin.xml

<!-- Requires the platform module to distinguish it from a legacy plugin -->

<extensions defaultExtensionNs="com.bstera">
<!-- Add your extensions here -->

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Please follow the GoLand Plugin Development DevKit Guide. Make sure that you've specified a dependency to the Go plugin in your Gradle configuration.

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Hi Jakub Chrzanowski

thank you very much, I can not find any clue about which gradle dependency should be add from the page. can you kindly put out?

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Check the third row of the table.


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