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I am working on a WSL setup (files on WSL PHPStorm on Windows) and PHP Storm is performing automatic synchronizations after some file changes and that is fine. But by default it does it for all files and folders inside the project. Is it possible to exclude some directories from being synchronized? The best example of a use case for supporting this functionality is f.e a cache folder that might be located in the project directory. There is no use for a cache folder to be even displayed in the project structure and sync's on such folder are usually very resource and time consuming, especially in the event of cache being cleared and warmed up. For a standard Symfony based project, after cache being cleared and warmed up, I've seen PHPStorm synchronizing >5K of files that are useless and are never seen by developer through IDE in 99.99% of cases.


Can I achieve it somehow, to exclude some folders from sync?




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Excluding those folders from indexing should help at least to some extent, you can do that in Settings/Preferences | Directories.
Meanwhile, a related ticket to vote for:


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