Newbie Question about debugging and executing Python code

Hi, I'm very new to PyCharm (started yesterday) and I'm not too familiar with debugging. I find very useful to use breakpoints and watch variables and expressions, but I have the following:

I have a very long process (5 minutes or so) that creates a long list. After that, I must operate it in certain ways and I need to test the different code ideas. I want to know if there's a way to debug, change the code and debug again without create the list again and lose 5 minutes every time? I'm used to Atom and Hydrogen, and there I can execute lines of Python independently and test ideas without create the list again.

How can I do this?


Thanks in advice

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Hi Iperich,

The short answer is yes, if you look into the bug-shaped icons in the toolbar you will find a few debugging features.

I'm still learning them but here is a video.


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