Skipping latest PHPStorm update

2020.2.2 appears to not have bug fixes essential to me using the program, for these issues and others:

  1. Down-click auto-select of text in Find results, even after the box is closed, among other related click issues, causing usability chaos.
  2. Find in Path File Mask file types being removed, or the feature behaving the opposite of how its supposed to.
  3. Find box opens up shrunken and I have to expand it every time.
  4. General slowness across many files.

Invalidating cache and restarting doesn't fix these issues.

Among some other things I've forgotten about, none of these issues were present in the March version, and the latest update's changelog doesn't mention any of the bugs that have become intolerable for me now, and impede my work, so I'm sticking with that version:

This version is fast, has all of the features I use regularly, they work great, and I don't need some of the minor enhancements in the newer versions with all of these work-hampering bugs that JetBrains just seems to think are not important enough to fix yet.


Thanks Eugene, I've already seen those. Only one of them is fixed; the 2nd was reopened.

None of that counters my points that JetBrains has done a poor job this year.

Your bug references don't cause me to upgrade.


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