Debugging Node Won't Stop at Breakpoints

I'm a bit perplexed by this one. I updated to the latest version (2020.2.3). And now any breakpoints set deeper than my Controller file hierarchy won't stop when a breakpoint is set. 

I'm using node v12.18.2. I've changed zero configurations.

I setup my other macbook that's the same OS version, same Node version, same code base and installed 2020.2.3 on it, and it works correctly. What could possibly be the difference?

I can manually step into and then jump over the lines inside of the promise.

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no idea, sorry. There are no IDE settings controlling this, so I'm not sure why it works on one machine but not on the other...
Sample project the issue can be repeated with would be helpful
Please also share idea.log (Help > Show Log in ...) created after reproducing the issue


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