Can't implement interfaces ffs


Whats wrong with Intellij? For god's sake, its horrible, i cant do anything, everything is just menu inside menu inside menu that doesn't work, I wish Eclipse was as pretty as this but man, both suck.

Wanna implement this interface to another file.

But when I try this shows up, what the fuck?


It worked once with this


Why is it so fucking hard to do simple shit in Intellij, for the love of God, ive been googling for 10 minutes and nothing works, what the hell???????? Im gonna move to Eclipse

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I had to alt enter on the interface, press implement interface, god, why? Why cant there also be a "implement interface from all the interfaces in your same folder"? why is it so fucking hard to do simple things Eclipse can do in like 3 clicks, god fucking dammit, this made me lose so much time because everyone says DURR PRESS CONTROL + I or CONTROL + O, but Nothing fucking works

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There are multiple ways to go about this.

On the interface name itself, you can hit Alt+Enter (Option+Enter on Mac), then pick 'Implement interface'. IDEA will prompt for a class name and a package to put the new class in (Enter), have you choose methods to implement in it (Enter), then generate an implementation class. 

Alternatively, create the class, then add "implements Numero" after the name. IDEA will complain that your class doesn't implement the correct methods, and offer (Alt+Enter > Enter > Enter) to generate them for you. Hitting Ctrl+I or clicking 'Implement methods' in the Code menu at this point also works.

If you prefer navigating with your mouse, the same can be achieved with 5 clicks:


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