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I am creating a custom plugin for IntelliJ, and I want to have it in my personal repository. Then I looked here how to create a repository, and basically I need only to create a updatePlugins.xml file, that it should contain the following element:
<plugin id="MyPlugin" url="" version="1.0"/>

and place it in the repository folder/server. Then, when I open IntelliJ IDEA and check the plugin list, I can see mine (once I added my repository to the list). But, I see other plugins have much more information, as for example description, change notes, categories etc...

Following these two links, plugins list and plugin details, I get some xml that give me some hint (note that they are different from the updatePlugins.xml that I have seen in the official documentation). Using an error-try approach, I was able to reach this state in my updatePlugins.xml file:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <plugin id=""
    <vendor email="" url=""></vendor>

So, I was able to add description, vendor, name and change notes. But something is still missing, for example I was not able to add a Category.

How can I add it? is there somewhere the official complete list of elements that I can use in the updatePlugins.xml?

Thanks very much

PS: Once the plugin is installed, I get more information, taken from the plugin.xml and build.gradle files present in my project. But, I would like to have this information before downloading it. I suppose I need to use the updatePlugins.xml file in order to achieve that.

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Yes, you can replicate tags from your "real" plugin.xml into your updatePlugins.xml as described here:

Usually, Name, Description and Version information should be enough when using a private repository with "known" plugins.


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