Debugger open the same file when reach the breakpoint in PyCharm

when I put a break-point in my code and debug it, the debugger reaches the point and open another instance of the same file and I can "Step Over" in this one.
I don't want open a second file, I want to debug in the file where I put the break-point.

I am using PyCharm 2019.3 for Linux Fedora, I didn't have this behaviour under Windows.
I checked in the forum and I found this other request:

but I couldn't find the "Single Instance".
Do you have any suggestion?
Thanks a lot

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Hi, are you using any symlinks in your project? 

Please provide paths to the file from original tab, and from duplicate tab - are they different? 

Also, I suggest trying the latest PyCharm version - , the issue might be already fixed.

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I don't use any symlinks and unfortunately I can't update it as everything is controlled by the institute where I work


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