Handling "Don't remind me again"/ "Not now"/"remind me later" button for a project version update


I am trying to update my plugin dependencies where a notification arrives when the application starts as a startup activity. Now, I have added a similar link for "Don't remind me again"/ "Not now"/"remind me later". How should I handle it for the whole project/that particular dependency version?
I want to work it like the below picture:

I am a student and beginner to this problem.

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You can store user's choice via simple https://jetbrains.org/intellij/sdk/docs/basics/persisting_state_of_components.html#using-propertiescomponent-for-simple-non-roamable-persistence PropertiesComponent using a key built from version information ("myplugin.update.library.4.0.1=true, myplugin.update.library.5.0=false, ...").

Alternatively, store choices in PersistentStateComponent (described on same page).


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