pycharm creating project files at 2 different folder levels

Im new to Pycharm and using on Mac.  its a bit confusing how/where pycharm builds the folder structure for projects. i have just reinstalled pycharm to 'start from scratch'

Im trying to create  project1 in folder  /jim/myfiles

it does create a empty folder project1 here but it also creates a project1 folder (and the venv subfolder) in another directory elsewhere. this other dir was something i used with my previous 'first install of python'

I have looked at the preferences menus and dont see where old pathname is still being used

where specifically can i specify where i want pycharm to install projects



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Please check this guide and a screenshot example provided. There are  2 configurable fields that can be set according to your needs: Location - is your future project path, and New environment location. Both are configurable. 


Please let me know if you have additional questions. 


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