False warning: "Unexpected Argument" when using the pandas package.

I am using PyCharm 2020.2.3 (Community Edition) and pandas 1.1.3

When I'm using pandas.DataFrame.drop_duplicates after pandas.concat and pandas.DataFrame.sort_values I'm getting an false warning of "Unexpected Argument".

See an example of code:

import pandas as pd

def main() -> None:
    df = pd.concat(objs=[])
    df = df.sort_values(by=[])
    df = df.drop_duplicates(subset=[])

if __name__ == '__main__':

Upload id: 2020_10_25_Df62vHDTdCnM8R2R (file: bug.txt)


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Could you please provide me with a working example? The attached code  execution fails. 


Thank you! 


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