Dependencies in plugin.xml overwriting those in build.gradle



I'm publishing my fork of someone else's plugin and am having trouble getting dependencies to cooperate between plugin.xml and build.gradle. I've observed that my plugin needs at least one dependency in plugin.xml to be accepted by the marketplace (even though it runs fine in the sandbox). However, adding a dependency tag such as 


seems to prevent the dependencies in build.gradle from being accessed. 

Specifically, I get this error whenever I have at least one dependency in plugin.xml: 

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/intellij/debugger/engine/managerThread/DebuggerCommand

My source code is available here:


Thank you for your help,


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Java plugin needs to be declared explicitly in plugin.xml since 2019.2, see

Also, your build.gradle file specifies target platform 2020.1.2, but your plugin.xml "since-build" is explicitly set to 182.

Please see for some background information


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