Inspections settings page empty


When I open the Inspections settings page in IntelliJ, all I see is a grey, empty page. I can't see any inspections to change. There's no error message or similiar, just a blank page.

When I started using IntelliJ I could see the and change the inspections. I recently started a new project and imported the settings I exported from my first project. The new project had spell check enabled which I wanted to disable, thus I noticed the missing inspections page.

Is there a way to get the inspections back, or see some log that might hint on what's going on?

The version is IntelliJ IDEA 2020.2.2

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Can you please share the idea.log file, it can be found in File | Show Log in Finder (you may upload it via and share the name of the file here or you may create an issue at the YouTrack: attaching the log file to it). Thank you 


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