Intellij IDEA Ultimate works way slower than CE


Recently I bought Intellij Ultimate and it works significantly worse than Community Edition. I am constantly getting Low-Memory messages. When I start the same project but on Community Edition it is working smoothly without any problems. I have Macbook Pro 16' 2020 so I doubt it is hardware problem.

Additionally When I am starting new Gradle Kotlin-JVM project it has some weird bugs and gradle points errors in whole build.gradle file. I found out that it is started as web project. 

Why is paid version of Intellij so much worse and what are solutions to fix that?


Custom plugins could be the cause. 

As a general troubleshooting step, disable all custom plugins, install EAP version of IntelliJ IDEA and check if the issue is still here. 

Submit a ticket to support attaching whole logs folder if Ultimate is still slow:


Thanks for creating it. Looking forward for solution.




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