Node: no such file or directory

I am running Webstorm 2020.2.3 and I keep running into the following error whenever I try running a node application.

  • Running from Services:


  • Running from the terminal works fine though


Try starting WebStorm from terminal using bin/ - does the issue persist?

When being launched from desktop/System menu/Toolbox, WebStorm only sees environment variables configured in login shell, but not in interactive shell configuration files (like .bashrc or .zshrc). Possible solutions:

  • Workaround 1: make required variables available in a login shell by moving them to the corresponding shell profile config
  • Workaround 2: run IDE from a terminal to make it inherit terminal environment

see also



same for IntelliJ IDEA 2020.2.4 (Ultimate Edition), Build #IU-202.8194.7, built on November 24, 2020. The "Run configuration" does not get the complete PATH. For me,  "Workaround 2" is working. 

I used to run IntelliJ from the Toolbox and this actually used to work before so this looks rather like a regression to me at first. On the other hand I did update to macOS Big Sur recently. But actually the previous IntelliJ Version worked so something did change in the mean time.

Putting environment configuration into login rc files sounds reasonable though.

Update: "Workaround 1" works as well...who would have thought of that.. :D

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