cant create lua file on 2020.3 Beta


I code in different languages primarily in lua and bash.  I downloaded the new beta version and it runs a lot better on my Mac.  The only issue I am having so far is that when I attempt to create a lua script file, it won't let me.  I keep getting "Unable to load template for lua script.lua".

Also the bash support is now paid.  Is that the case or is there an included plugin for bash?

Attached is the screenshot

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You've forgot to attach the screenshot. 

IntelliJ IDEA does not have built-in support for lua and it is provided by 3rd party plugins. So, the "Unable to load template for lua" error is better to be reported on the plugin's page. 

As for bash, we have the "Shell Script" plugin pre-installed, but it differs from the "BashSupport Pro" plugin (if you mean it as paid one): 


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