open/work on project on remote host without using local drive

I am working on a python project that sits on a remote Linux server.  I have access to the server and use git to manage source control. Now I want to work on the code from my windows PC which has PyCharm professional. I know how to set up a remote interpreter and know about the deployment configuration steps. But it is not clear how I open the remote project. Do  I first need to sync the remote project onto my local pc? I would prefer not to do this and in some circumstances it would not be possible, so lets assume I cannot copy the remote files to a local directory. So how do  I work on the remote project? How do I open it to begin with. If I can do than, then is it possible to debug the code. My expectation was that Pycharm Pro would connect to the remote drive and use the remote intrepreter - without needing anything locally.

If I absolutely have to map the remote project to my local drive then how do I do that. So far I have only been able to copy local projects to remote drives

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>Do  I first need to sync the remote project onto my local pc? 

Unfortunately, this is the only way. PyCharm doesn't support true remote development at the moment, see related request:

So what you need to do is to create a local copy of the project (doesn't matter how), then configure SSH interpreter and deployment. In the deployment settings, be sure that your local project root is mapped to the remote project root. 

Typically, you just git clone the repo to your local drive, open it in PyCharm, then configure remote interpreter - PyCharm will upload the project to remote host and run the code there, syncing all the changes.

For more information, please see:

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Hi! is this still the case or are there new updates on this manner? 


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