Webstorm 2020.3: CPU usage 20-50% in idle


Immediately after the update webstorm began to consume up to 50% of CPU time, even in the idle.

At the same time, the used memory grows to at least 4 GB (on one open simple project).

CPU Snapshot: 2020_12_01_7PCzUQ5dojedEe5x (file: WS-203.5981.135_Kotofey_01.12.2020_15.59.41.zip)

upd: Even after closing the application, the process (webstorm64.exe) keeps in memory and consumes resources.


Any recommendations?



It's a public Forum -- there is no obligation to respond in certain time for JB staff.

I suggest you use "Submit a Request" button at the top of this page to contact JetBrains Support directly (where you can privately attach any files and provide all needed details).


Same thing for me on MacOS - WebStorm 2020.3 CPU usage is extremely high. Guess we'll have to revert to 2020.2 until this gets fixed, quite unusable at the moment


@Andriy Bazanov

Sent a request using the specified form, but they also do not respond for more than 24 hours (although it is declared that the response is given within 24 hours). Either the bug is too complex, or tech support does not work.



The Support works, 100%. At very least it did well for me when I had to contact them (not WebStorm though but PhpStorm .. and it was over a year ago).

Could be on limited resources right now after releasing 2020.3 versions for all IDE products this week (WebStorm, IntelliJ IDEA, PhpStorm, RubyMine, PyCharm)


If you have a similar issue, please check the mappings in Settings | Version Control and make sure there are no invalid roots there. This might be cause extensive CPU usage from the Git Integration side


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