Suggestion For Gradle Tool Window


I was working on a gradle project this morning when I realised that I don't use all of the items in the Gradle Tool Window.

I occasionally look at the dependencies when I have some sort of classpath issue.

However, I'm mostly using it to run tasks.

I have a root project and 3 subprojects and running  ./gradlew wrapper tasks --all shows 122 tasks.

I most commonly use about 5 of those.

Therefore, my suggestion is to add an option to toggle the full view with a configurable user view where I only show my most useful tasks.

Now, I know that you can add run configurations for gradle tasks, however, it is easier (fewer clicks and more structured) to see the list of tasks in the tool window than in the run config drop down.

What do other people here think of the suggestion?

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I think it is a nice suggestions. Thank you. I have filled a request here: which you can follow and vote. Thanks.


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