AS400 schema introspection takes hours and doesn't return all tables


We're using the full enterprise version of PYCharm (Data Grip is embedded). When introspecting our main schema the process runs for hours and doesn't pull all the data needed. Part of this is working off site and connecting via VPN and part of it is the schema has a lot of objects in it.

My Questions:

  • Is there a way to pull this data in some other fashion and import it into the IDE?
  • Is there a way to limit to only certain tables/objects in introspection? 

I've played around with the object filters but that seems to be only view related. It looks like it's still trying to pull all data from the schema rather than just what I've filtered to. 


It's super frustrating to have a ton of info on a bunch of stuff I'm not using in my query but none of the info I actually need.


Logs are here: Upload id: 2020_12_04_H4dSR7JttwMt45Fn (files: database.log.1 and 2 more) 

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Unfortunately, nothing can be done to speed up introspection. We are working through JDBC driver API which has some limitations.

I guess  you can create DDL data source to upload your DB structure.


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