Does datagrip have a "create like" user just like in sql developer?


Open sql developer, click on view on top, then choose DBA, another window will appear beneath "Connections" window and is called "DBA", click on your connection, and if you do not have any connections in there, then u might need to add one. so add one, and then click it, then go into "Security" and then "Users", Right Click one of the users and it will have "create like", proceed and another window will pop up to create an exact user with same privilege's to one you clicked. you can also, while that window is still up, just copy the sql and run it yourself (check screenshots).


The issue, I could not find such feature or at least "create like" or "generate sql" to quickly create users in DataGrip, in fact, when i went to "users" in datagrip, i could not find anyway to edit them or provide more privilege's or create similar user or anything of that sort. the only available way is, right click-->new-->user--> and complete the sql yourself.


If anyone has any idea, please let me know.

Thank you.

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User management is under development. You can add your wishes to the feature request on our tracker.

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Thanks for the information 






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