create backup of synced settings or restore previously synced setting

I had my instances of webstorm set to sync their setting via IDE settings sync.

A colleague asked for a copy of my settings. With sync turned on I could not export. So I turned off IDE settings sync. And exported the required settings as a zip file. Thinking that would contain my currently synced settings.

When I turned back on sync settings, I stupidly set it to upload my current settings.

Now I've found out that the exported settings were my old settings before I turned on sync. And as I set upload when I turn back on, now my synced settings are using the old settings.

How can I restore my previous up to date settings?
I can only hope, that somehow I can use my other instance (computer) in an offline state and copy out it's settings with sync still on?

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Hi there,

I'm not using IDE Settings Sync .. but AFAIK they normally stored in a separate subfolder. They may still be there, check what folders you have got:

If not, check your backups (your profile folder / system drive), you do backups from time to time, right?

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Turns out local settings and sync settings are stored in a completely different format. So it's not a simple restore process.

Fortunately my other computer had a recent sync on it and hadn't updated with the broken settings. I disabled my network and backed up the webstom settings directory. I also found out that I could export the settings while sync was turned on. Don't know why it wasn't available the first time (and avoid all this mess).

With the network back on. Turn off sync and set it to destroy the remote backup. Then import the exported settings. Then finally turn back on sync. This seems to have worked.

Note to self, setup a repository settings backup, this account sync is wack!


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