Should a beginner student use JetBrains IDE's?

Hey, I'm just starting my UG course in Computer Science. We have C as our first language and then Python.

Now as JetBrains products (CLion, PyCham etc.) are free for students, I want to ask should we use these or text editors like VSCode or atom.

If you recommend to use text editors first then after how long should we start using JetBrains products (as they are industry standard, I believe learning them would be helpful)

P.S. - I tried CLion for the first time (used atom before it) and I was very confused and overwhelmed my the interface itself.







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IDEs are definitely more profound tools than text editors, but this power comes with a cost of more things to learn. With text editors you can focus on the code itself, the algorithms, programming languages, etc., w/o any extra help from the code analyzers, refactoring tools, or completion. Text editors also don't help with any integrations, like debuggers, profilers, unit testing frameworks. This might be a way to learn the basics first w/o anything that makes the path easier to you.
Meanwhile, all these tools and techniques are necessary instruments for you in the future career as a software developer or in the closer areas where you'll be developing any production or scientific code bases. When the cost of the error is high, the maintenance costs are reasonable, and many projects don't start from scratch (instead you join them at some point of their evolution) you'd better know how to use these complete toolset. So starting earlier, learning the IDEs and how to work with them, will definitely be beneficial for your future career. Still, should you start with the text editors first and then move to IDEs or start right with the IDE, it's completely up to you.

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This might be a way to learn the basics first w/o anything that makes the path easier for you.


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