How to Trigger Dynamic Plugin Reload


So I understand that there is some configuration to do to Enable Dynamic Plugin Reloading, however I'm not clear about exactly how to actually trigger this. Using the IntelliJ Platform Plugin Template Project, which uses the IntelliJ Gradle Plugin. I don't see what step 2 is below

1. Make code change
2. ???
3. IDE reloads

Even if I run something like `./gradlew -t jar` which continuously builds the jar, that jar is going to /build/libs and not /builds/idea-sandbox/plugins/<pluginName>/lib which is where it needs to go. I have manually created a copy task, but this seems hacky and annoying. Using `prepareSandbox` seems terrible since _every_ plugin gets reloaded.

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One should use "buildPlugin" Gradle task that copies the plugin to the sandbox. Only plugins located in sandbox/plugins get reloaded automatically in the debug IDE instance.

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I can't test at the moment, but are you sure about that answer. There are a few things I see as problematic with it:

1) When I run buildPlugin it does not seem to update the copy of the plugin in the sandbox directory.
2) When I run buildPlugin it runs buildSearchableOptions which I think crashes and fails if you are running the sandbox IDE.

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1) it should. please make sure you're using the latest version (v0.6.5) or post your plugin to reproduce
2) that can be disabled easily


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