How to create an interpreter python without packages on PyCharm?

Before, I used to do  pip3 install in my system. Now I have libraries conflicts and I'm using virtual environment.

Goal: I want to begin all my PyCharm projects without libraries.

Solution: Create a new interpreter without Inherit global site-packages ?

I tried, the new interpreter download all packages...

So I suppose I missed something ???

Question: How to create an interpreter python without inherit packages on PyCharm ? (I installed it on an empty folder)

An when I click on OK. 


Is it reproducible with the venv created from the command line?


I don't know how to redo all steps of PyCharm. If I only redo a venv, it works fine (no packages dl).


Did you use the same interpreter as a base when created the venv from the CMD?
What PyCharmv version do you use?


PyCharm 2020.2

I was wrong, new venv actually have kivy and shouldn't !


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