Configuration - Grails SDK not configured

I feel like I'm missing something simple at this point. I upgraded to grails 2.1.1 from 1.3.7 while running IntelliJ 10, recently I upgraded to IntelliJ 12 and imported all settings. Somehow in the project in IntelliJ 12, I have no grails SDK.

My Global Library has grails 2.1.1 defined with all the correct .jars included, however, the Tools menu is missing the "Grails" sub-menu, and attempting to run the app gives the error message that Grails SDK is not configured.

If I create a new project for grails, the SDK configures correctly and Grails shows in the Tools menu. What am I missing preventing me from adding the Grails SDK to this project? Thank you, community, for your time and suggestions.


You do not have to create a new project.

Had the same problem, and it took me quite some search to resolve it:

  • right click your Grails module
  • click "Add framework support"
  • select "Groovy"
  • The dropdown next to "Use library" will allow you to choose a grails library.
  • If the dropdown is empty press "create" and choose your grails library directory.
  • Grails SDK is configured then





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