Error scala no scalac found to compile scala sources

IntelliJ Bug: Scala 145, Error:scalac: Scala compiler JARs not found , In project settings, you need to manually add: JDK Folder. Module and dependencies to JDK AND Scala JAR. In library, Add MANUALLY the JAR of Scala (IntelliJ does not add those JAR. Looks as though you have bound the Scala compilation to the process-resources phase to me. The output about no sources is from the regular maven compiler plugin that compiles Java.

Intellij run error: scalac: No 'scala-library*.jar' in Scala compiler , I get this error: Error:scalac: No 'scala-library*.jar' in Scala compiler classpath in Scala SDK scala-library-2.12.6-sources.jar when trying to run a  "Error:scalac: No 'scala-library*.jar' in Scala compiler classpath in Scala SDK SBT: org.scala-lang:scala-library:2.11.10:jar" Without touching the default build.sbt file (leaving it just as it was when I created the project using the wizard), I create a package called "org.public_domain".

With IntelliJ 2017.02.5, receiving error "Error:scalac: No 'scala-library , Creating a brand new Scala SBT project using IntelliJ 2017.2.5 is producing the following error when I attempt to compile a very simple: "Error:scalac: No '​scala-library*.jar' in Scala compiler classpath in Scala SDK SBT: org.scala-lang:​scala-library:2.11.10:jar" Scala: Scala 2.11.10 (Sources checked)  I found two solutions to the similar problem I am facing on web , do they apply to my code ? 1- Import implicits: Note that this should be done only after an instance of org.apache.spark.sql.SQLContext is created.

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