Material Theme causing IntelliJ IDEA to freeze up completely.

Steps to reproduce (if needed)

  1. Open the IDE on your machine
  2. Either open a project, or let the program automatically re-open the last project that was open.
  3. The program does one of four things:
    • Freezes immediately after starting and opening a project.
    • Freezes when you try to create a file. The file ends up being created, but the UI is stuck displaying the "Create File" dialogue.
    • Freezes when you try to edit a file.
    • Freezes when you try to delete a file. Behaviour is exactly like the freeze on creating file.


OS: macOS Catalina 10.15.3
Affected Plugin Versions:

  • Material Theme UI Lite: v8.0
  • Material Theme UI: v4.11.5

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If the cause was defined and it is the plugin affection, may I ask you to report this to the plugin's vendor issue tracked directly?


Thank you! 

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That was exactly what I felt while trying to parse the file and couldn't move to another screen from failed error.

Looking for the quick solution buddy, I just love using material theme but stopped with intellij.

Thanks in advance,


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