Mermaid markdown extension for offline environment


I'm working in an offline environment and having difficulities installing the mermaid extension for markdown.

How can I install it?


Could you please provide the exact steps to reproduce the issue and the error you get?


I installed PyCharm in an offline environment, tried to view a markdown file with mermaid syntax, but the preview didn't render the mermaid graph. 

I know its an external extension for markdown, but what do I need to do in order to bring in this extension to my offline environment?


Looks like mermaid integration was added according to

You have to enable it in the settings first, see screencast at


Since I'm working on an **offline environment ** - when I try to enable the option in settings menu as described, I'll be prompted the connection to github to download the extension failed. That's expected since this is an offline environment.

The question is how can I enable this feature, in an **offline environment**?


Ah, I see. Sorry, unfortunately I don't know the answer, but I guess it should be possible, e.g. to download the library manually and install it for PyCharm.

I guess the best bet is to ask the developer who made the integration directly in


Thanks anyway :)

I found it out eventually myself. On my mac, these are the paths that should be populated:


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