New to this, running python on small remote VM.



I’m a network engineer and relatively new to python, my python programs will eventually be running on a small centos VM and from there communicating to network devices, however, to assist my learning and creating the code I’m installing PyChalm on my windows Laptop.

Can I connect the PyCharm on my windows machine to use the interpreter on the remote centos machine? I would like to do this as this will be more representative of the production environment, The remote machine will have specific modules installed to assisting in interfacing the code to the network devices. I would like my code written on PyCharm to be executed on this remote VM.


I have tried using the


  • Python Interpreter
  • ADD
  • SSH Interpreter
  • Details of my remote centos VM

However, it always fails to connect with a error “ Connection to admin@ failed index 11 out of bounds for length 11


Apologies if my terminology is a bit off !! I’m not even sure if what I’m trying to do is the correct approach.



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>Can I connect the PyCharm on my windows machine to use the interpreter on the remote centos machine? 

Yes, SSH Interpreter is the feature that covers this functionality

Could you please add the following lines to Help | Debug Log Settings…:


reconnect and upload your logs folder zipped from ***Help | Collect logs and Diagnostic Data***   to the FTP and please let me know the filename. 


It looks like the bug, which has not been addressed yet, unfortunately. 

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uploaded as "SSH connection to remote interpreter problem"

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For some reason, I cannot find any  "SSH connection to remote interpreter problem" named files on the FTP. Could you please upload the zipped log folder as it is and provide me with the file name, it should be smth like "pycharm-logs-20201222-071232" Thank you! 

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pycharm-logs-20201229-195746  uploaded

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still no luck. I have created a ticket for you , please attach the logs to it. Thank you! 


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