Is JavaScript Debug in Microsoft Edge (MS Edge) supported?

My desire: to run JavaScript debug run configuration with Microsoft Edge, NOT GOOGLE CHROME.

My Problem: running my JavaScript run/debug configuration opens Google Chrome, not MS Edge.

Theory: I know MS Edge uses Chromium underpinnings. That's probably why there is no MS Edge web browser "family".

My Question: Is it currently possible to force Javascript Debug run configuration to use MS Edge and not open Google Chrome?

Why not just use Google Chrome? Because I hate Google Chrome. The developers are idiots. They removed the reopen closed tab if you right-click on the tabs for no good reason. That's 1 of 100 different reasons I switched to MS Edge.


JavaScript debugging can be performed using Chrome and Chromium-based browsers only.
This should work for Edge in principle (as new Edge is Chromium-based), but the IDE doesn't currently treat Edge as a Chromium-based browser, fixing should take care of this. For now, I'd suggest setting up Edge as a new custom browser in Settings | Tools | Web Browsers:

  • press + to add a new browser
  • use Chrome as a Family, specify a full path to browser executable as Path, enter a name

Browser will be available with Chrome icon in run configuration dropdown



Unless I misunderstand you, I already did / tried that. In my screenshot above, you can see "MS Edge" which is a new custom browser I added manually. It has the path set to:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application\msedge.exe

and the Family set to Chrome.

I did all that and it was still pulling open Chrome.

Now, when I just retried it, it pulled open MS Edge. I don't know why it wasn't working or what I did in the meantime (reboot? cleared cache? not sure) but I'm glad it DOES WORK! I'm so glad to see it works. Thank you for your help Elena.



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