PyCharm keymap / MacOS German keyboard: collision with backslash key

I am using PyCharm and have recently upgraded to version 'Community 2020.3'.
I have a Mac laptop with German keyboard layout.
The backslash key is located on shift-alt-7 (or alt-slash).
This key is in collision with the keymap of Main Menu / Code / Code Completion / Cyclic Expand Word (Backward).

The solution is to delete this keymap.


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Unfortunately, this is a known regression, please see  The fix is expected in 2020.2.3

I apologize for the inconvenience. 



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Not fixed in 2020.3.2 :( But The solution works! Thanks. This link should work.

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Delete the keymap assignment in preferences: Keymap->MainMenu->Code->CodeCompletion->CyclicExpandWord (Backward) (right-click -> remove)


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