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I am trying to implement a way to do convenient aws database iam authentication. For this I have an external tool that can generate a password. But I am trying to find a way to copy this password into the intellij database tool without copy pasting.I have tested changing the underlying .idea/dataSources.local.xml  file. Changes to this file seem immediately reflected in intellij, however the password is stored in the keychain. When I change the keychain, I have to restart intellij so the latest keychain value is fetched. Is there any way to pass the password to the database tool without restarting intellij? Is a manual reset of the keychain cache possible? Or is there another way to pass plain passwords in the dataSources.local.xml (passwords that are generated are only temporary)? 

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Which database are you  trying to connect?
We have support for AWS profile for Redshift/Athena
Can be done by implementing `com.intellij.database.dataSource.DatabaseAuthProvider` interface and registering as `com.intellij.database.connectionInterceptor` in plugin.xml


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