Need help with Documentation on sidebar

I really like the built in documentation viewer in pycharm. That said, I can't seem to get it to keep the "Documentation" tab docked to the sidebar (like the Database and SciView tabs). I open it (Documentation) with Ctrl-Space and dock it to the right. I close pycharm and when I reopen it is gone. The other tabs can be added/removed but I can't get this one to stick. Please help.

Thanks in advance

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Hello Michael, 

Here is how it works for me:  on the Documentation tool window click the gutter icon -> View Mode -> Doc pinned. 

Restart PyCharm. Navigate to a method/module, use a shortcut ( ctrl + J on Mac )or open View-> Quick Documentation and the Tool Window is being opened as the same place you have pinned it before.  Does it work the same for you? 



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