How to make `Debugger > Live Edit` reload html page whenever an >application< writes to it

Briefly put: I want the exact same behavior as `Debugger > Live Edit` provides, with the exception that it should also update whenever some application (e.g. a java application) writes to a .html file. 

Can this be achieved in WebStorm?

Can I somehow force update/reload the webbrowser to display the file changes like the `Debugger > Live Edit` is able to?

Why I want this

I have a markdown file that is occasionally compiled and written to a .html file by my java application. Whenever the .html file is written to by my java application, I would like the webbrowser page to reload/update -- just as if I were to manually edit the .html file myself. 

What I actually want
The webbrowser to reload/'display the changes of' the .html file that were just written to by some third party application.


when working with complex setups like yours, I'd suggest configuring hot reloading on the server end using browsersync, webpack live reload, etc.


Thank you for your answer Elena, 

Quick question:
I'm building a static website and thus there is no backend server. Do you know if any of the options you mentioned necessitates a backend server to reload the browser every time an .html file is written to?


they both include dev servers you can use if you don't have your own server. But, as I wrote, these are served-side solutions, they are implemented on server


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