Possible to use Wildcards within remote debug path mapping ?

I am attempting to start a remote debug on a spark-submit job
the spark stores any python files in temp folders e.g. `/tmp/localPyFiles-<UUID>/Test.py`
Is it possible to map the local and remote files in path mapping using wildcards ?
Local Path Remote Path
/home/user/project/utils/ /tmp/*/*

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To the PyCharm support team: Any update on this? We have many engineers who need this feature to get debugging to work for python scripts run using spark-submit. What's your plan for supporting this use case? Thanks.

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The path mapping must be 1:1, I'm not sure how 1:* should work. Why not map /home/user/project/utils/ to /tmp instead? (to the parent directory of all python files)? It should work as long as local and remote folder structures are identical starting from mapped path root.


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