Using projects from previous versions.


I have several projects built on IJ Community 2018.3 . I just installed IJ Ultimate 2020.3 on a different machine. I copied the folders containing the old projects into the projects folder (~/IdeaProjects) of the new installation. But Ultimate refuses to recognize the old projects. If I create a new project in Ultimate, it shows up in the “Welcome to IntelliJ IDEA” window. But none of the others does, even though they are located underneath the same parent folder (~/IdeaProjects). How can I make Ultimate to pick they up?

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Open the project at least once using the full path so that it appears in the Recent Projects list.

IDE doesn't scan any folders and doesn't add the projects to the Welcome Screen automatically. It will only show the projects that you have opened previously on the same machine.

This data is stored in the Configuration directory: .

options/recentProjects.xml file contains the paths to the projects that are shown on the Welcome Screen.


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