Is there really no "normal" softwrap option for text files?

This is not what most people call soft wrapping:

Is there a way to configure PyCharm to left-align the words on a soft wrap like normal editors do?  Instead of breaking the lines at the beginning of words, it will break at the end of the word, if the last word ends at the soft-wrap limit, moving the white space down to the front of the next line.  Is this a bug? Or some sort of very odd feature?

Also, though the soft wrap arrow indicators can be useful when editing some type of code or data file, I don't need them when I'm editing a simple text file that I use to write notes in. The line numbers in the gutter tell me the line is soft-wrapped.  So why not allow me to turn off the soft wrap indicators so that the entire soft-wrapped line/paragraph gets correctly left aligned like all normal "text editors"?

Also, it would be nice to set a soft-wrap max limit for the file (like the hard wrap limit) so if the window is larger than the line length it soft wraps at the limit set for the file.  Only when the window is smaller than the limit should it soft wrap at the window size.

Is any of this possible?

Is there no way to make PyCharm with its 10,000 editing options to act like a normal word processor with simple text files?

My goal is to simply use a text file to keep a project notebook.  Is there maybe some type of rich-text file that PyCharm supports that acts more like a word processor I should be using for this instead of trying to use a text file to write notes in?  I don't really want to use a markdown format where I have to "program" my notes and then click a button to see what it "looks" like.  I need a WYSIWYG note pad for writing project notes.  I don't need any formatting features, just a soft wrap that works correctly.

If you could fix the soft wrap logic so the second and following lines were correctly left-aligned I can probably learn to live with the fact that the wrapped lines were not aligned with the first because of the space left or the soft-wrap indicator. (why not just allow a soft-wrap indicator at the end and not at the beginning for example?)

I just want a soft-wrap that works like the text box I'm typing this post in.

Using PyCharm 2020.3.2 Professional

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I found a workaround for this.  The Wrap to Column plugin written by Andrew Brookins!

Though this doesn't make soft-wrap work it gives me a tool to do simple text wrapping which allows me to edit my text note files in PyCharm without having to use a separate editor or it.



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