rbenv: rubocop: command not found - but it is installed...

I'm a bit flummoxed. I'm using rbenv and have run `gem install rubocop` using the rbenv ruby version that I'm using with rubymine. Furthermore, under Languages & Frameworks > Ruby SDK and Gems the rbenv SDK I have selected shows that rubocop is installed.

Based on this I assume it rubocop it should be working, but instead I get this error:

Error:Rubocop returned exit code: 127
rbenv: rubocop: command not found

I have no issues running `rubocop` in the terminal however, and I haven't been able to coax a more detailed error message out of Rubymine. I'm guessing there's some PATH configuration I need to do, or some other config to adjust how Rubymine is calling rubocop, but I'm stuck at this point.

Open to any suggestions! Thanks!

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After a bit of sleep and a cup of coffee I fixed the issue. It seems like I hadn't completely scrubbed rvm from my machine before installing rbenv, and my .profile still had some path variables set to the .rvm directory. gem install rubocop was installing to a .rvm directory, which must have caused issues with the way Rubymine invokes rubocop.

Still, it would be great to know the actual path / command RubyMine uses with rubocop, if anyone knows.

EDIT: Through trial and error it looks like RubyMine uses the command rbenv exec rubocop (if you're using rbenv that is).

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That's right, in case of rbenv it uses 

rbenv exec rubocop



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