Pycharm is not running my code on Run

In project, I am trying to run a .py file, yet Pycharm is not running my code on "4:Run", it is rahter running file on Python Console. How can I run the file on "4:Run"

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I am sorry, but could you describe you mean by "4:Run"? 

FYI,  in  Run/Debug Configuration there is an option "Run with Python console" , perhaps this is what you are looking for. 


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Hi Antonina,

Thank you for your kind interest. As you have described, "Run with Python console" was opted for the relevant file. I can now run the file and get the results on the "4:Run" section of the PyCharm.

Best regards


PS: The explanation for "4:Run":

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Error running 'main': Cannot run program "C:\Users\User\PycharmProjects\helloWorld\venv\Scripts\python.exe" (in directory "C:\Users\User\PycharmProjects\helloWorld"): CreateProcess error=193, %1 is not a valid Win32 application

This is what it says, and I cannot my Pycharm code

What should I do?


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