Clicking on line number meaning "run to this line" is killing me


When you're editing files in WebStorm and you click on the line number to the left of a line of code, it selects that line of code.  Fantastic.  True of every editor on Earth.

But, also in WebStorm, if you happening to be debugging your application and you click on a line number to the left of the line of code, that click no longer means "select that line of code".  It means "Run to this line of code".  

I can't tell you how many times I've been stopped at a breakpoint and I click a line number in WebStorm to select that line of code and WebStorm takes off running.  It is beyond irritating.  It is exasperating.

Please make WebStorm stop doing this, or give me a way to make clicking a line number stop meaning "Run to this line" when debugging.

A far better affordance for "Run to this line" is a right-click on the line and select that option from the context menu.  




Try disabling Click line number to perform run to cursor in Settings | Build, Execution, Deployment | Debugger


Yes, it is very irritating, and I am glad that it is configurable.

Another irritation is the debug-mode changing what I can see when I hover the mouse pointer on variables. 


Riku Nevala So glad you commented - I had missed Elena Pogorelova's comment that it is configurable!


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