How "gevent support" option helps debugging multiprocessing programs?

I have a programm which utilizies python's multiprocessing module. If I try to debug it with breakpoints, Pycharm is unable to load debugging data. It stops on breakpoint but "Variables" window is freezed on "loading data".

I accidently enabled "Gevent support" in python's debugger and suddenly pycharm has no trouble in loading data anymore! How come? I don't use gevent. Can someone explain this behaviour?
Maybe there is some open source code for "gevent support" feature?


Hi, the option makes debugger compatible with Gevent-monkeypatched code. You may not use gevent, but the libraries you use may.


Thank you for reply! But, most certantly, it's not the case. The only 3rd party library we're using is redis, which is not depended on gevent. But we're using non blocking sockets in forked by multiprocessing module python scripts. Maybe that has to do something with it? :^)


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