Why Do You Keep Messing With The VCS View?


I just installed 2021.1 EAP on a new PC and I can no longer see the local changes, which is why I started to create this post.

I had previously asked why you changed the name of the view from VCS to Git and went searching for that post to link in here.

Instead of finding that I found essentially the same question from 4 months ago.


Now that I have it back again, there are Checkboxes next to every file and directory in the Local Changes view.

However, you can't actually tick any of them!

Why do you keep messing with the VCS view and making it worse to use every time??



In 2020.1, we Introduced a new non-modal commit interface. It is enabled only for fresh installations when no traces of the previous install is found. We believe the new UI works better in many cases, but it indeed depends on the workflow. That is why it is optional.

For existing installations, UI is not switched.

Non-working checkboxes in the list after switching the UI is a just a bug - https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-260736


I'm glad you made it optional.

That keeps both sides happy :)


I had forgotten about this and just spent 30 mins with a screenshare with someone trying to work out where their local changes where and how to bring it back.

This just demonstrates that having the local changes in a separate place from the rest of the version control is clearly not intuitive.


It would be nice if the Compare With Branch diff view also had this modal option too.



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