JRebel hot swap not working any more after IntelliJ update to 2020.3 (Ultimate)


Just as the title states already. My JRebel plugin worked pretty well for years but after the recent IntelliJ update to 2020.3 it looks like everything is still ok (no errors in logs and on Tomcat start it still outputs its messages) but if I do any changes in my code (Spring application) nothing happens. No hot swap any more.

Using the build-in hot swap from IntelliJ still seems to work but of course it's not as good as JRebel used to be... :-)

Any ideas? What log outputs do you need to have a look at?

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Hello Florian,

JRebel is a third-party plugin, so if you're having problems with it, best course of action would be to submit a problem report directly to the plugin's issue tracker as described on the official JRebel website. Relevant logs will be collected automatically.


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