ESLint & Reformat code


I'm porting my work from VSCode to PyCharm and having trouble making it enforce project ESLint style using Reformat Code shortcut.

The project construct from Python & Javascript (React) code. We have a `.eslintrc.js` file that PyCharm is reading charmingly using right-arrow and selecting "Apply ESLint code style rules", but not enforce the styles when I reformat the code using Cmd+Shift+L (shortcut for "Reformat Code" action). It's very annoying.

The project is a large one when there is more than one frontend/backend. 

The funny thing is when I do "Reformat Code" I start getting eslint warnings like: "eslint: insert `.`"


I really need help with that. 




what settings aren't imported namely?

Note that only core ESLint rules (indent, semi, quotes, etc) are applied when importing code style settings from ESLint. In particular, importing rules from eslint-plugin-react is not implemented (, so HTML formatter preferences are not changed when applying ESLint code style rules. You have to configure them manually in Setting | Editor | Code Style | HTML


Hi, thanks for the reply!
I managed to solve it by using prettier and eslint (not eslint only) so prettier make code-style changes while the eslint do the rest.



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