Get breakpoint information

    I want to get information about all the active breakpoints in the IDE, including the line, class, and file on which the breakpoints are located.?I saw a similar question in another response from the community, and I tried to do it, but it didn't seem to this:

XBreakpointManager xmanager = XDebuggerManager.getInstance(project).getBreakpointManager();
XLineBreakpointType type = XDebuggerUtil.getInstance().findBreakpointType(XLineBreakpointType.class);
if (type != null) {
Collection breakpoints = xmanager.getBreakpoints(type);

    I have two questions. The first one is where the project parameter should be obtained. The second problem is how do I use the Breakpoints of the Collection type, and how do I use it to get the row where the breakpoint is.Is this not feasible? Is there another way to solve my problem?

    Hope your apply!Thanks!


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